Mission & Values

We believe in doing the right thing and being an exemplary modern business.

To achieve our goals, we believe we must have clear objectives and consistently strive to meet our own expectations. After all, we're consumers of the types of products and services we offer to our customers; so we know how we would expect to be treated and what motivates us to choose one bank over another, or one employer over another. In today's financial services industry, striving to meet a standard of excellence is not optional, but defines the difference between ordinary and what we expect of ourselves.

Propel Our Talent

In every opportunity presented to the company, it must endeavor to achieve the appreciation, retention and growth potential of every employee.

Act with Integrity

Goldwater Bank's cultural identity is defined by our collective integrity. We must always ensure that our actions are consistent with our determination to be the most enviable corporate and community citizen possible.

Pursue the Right Outcome

Goldwater Bank employees are often faced with the opportunity to choose from more than one course of action where each one may impact the parties involved differently. At each of these opportunities, we strive to do the right thing; where that course is not self-evident, we should take that action which produces the most equitable result for all parties involved.

Value Human Capital

Goldwater Bank is a financial institution that provides solutions for its customers. Our most valuable component in being able to do so is our people.

Provide Intentional Communication

Goldwater Bank engages in effective communication which should intentionally provide the vital connection between people and their common purpose. Each opportunity that we have to express or listen to a perspective is to be met with an unparalleled dedication to always be respectful, clear and valuable for all involved.

Innovate and Execute

Goldwater Bank strives to meet the demands of perpetual change with innovation. As a core competency, we skillfully leverage technology.

Be a Partner in Community

Goldwater Bank is committed to being a value to our communities across the nation by donating our time and efforts to creating a better environment for all those within our neighborhoods, cities, and states. We believe in doing the right thing, and being an example of good business.

Provide Value

Goldwater Bank embraces the challenges and rewards that come from understanding that the true value of a service is determined by those served, must be routinely critiqued by its provider and should aim to be imitated by its competition.

Be Customer Focused

Goldwater Bank is passionate about serving the needs of its customers; they drive our business and we adhere to a fundamental truth that their successes in dealing with our firm will define our own success. We apply our customer service philosophy consistently to all consumer interactions as well as all intra-company business; customer service expectations should be met for internal and external customers with the same zeal.

Give Back

Goldwater Bank believes in giving back to our communities who continue to support our mission. We realize that we are only as great as the communities we are in, and believe in making each community better through our efforts.

Pursuit of Perfection

Goldwater Bank employees realize that the pursuit of perfection is its own reward. While the state of perfection may be unattainable, this should never override our desire to constantly aim for it.

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